Download MEGA files directly through IDM internet download manager

Download MEGA files directly through IDM “internet download manager” 2016

Download mega file downloder/manager

Click on This Link:- Mega downloder v1.7

Download mega files direct link using idm fast and easy steps
Don’t turn off or disable Mega downloader…the file you might be downloading will stop….to run download again…just copy the link again of the file and following your tutorial will fix that 🙂

In this post I will show you how to download files from Mega using IDM. You can use this trick to download Mega files


1. Click on the gear icon > Stream from Mega.
2. On the next window Choose Public Link.
3. Then click on the link icon next to file name to copy URL to clipboard (screenshot below).
4. Do not close the Mega App and open IDM.
5. Add URL to download the file.
6. Keep it downloading.!!
7. Make sure to not close the browser window until you stream the app.
8. Thanks

Mega file big file sharing and cloud storage website from Kim Dotcom. Mega file is end-to-end encryption. This means that files are encrypted both on upload and on download.

Megafile, things are a bit different. While people can share specific files to other Megafile users or via email, the URL to a file doesn’t contain a file name; instead, a cryptographic key is appended to the URL. Without this key, you can’t access the file. Once decrypted by the server, a user has the option to download the linked file.

the URL does not contain the file name users has to download the file only through the browser.

Can’t resume the download if your internet connection is lost.
you can’t reach your full download speed.
you have to download a complete file in one go.

So this article will help you to download such file using download managers.

MegaDownloader v1.7
Internet download manager.

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  1. IoT is a perfect idea and it works soundly, given that you provide the server yourself. Many of these devices use a server system far away that deals with entire fleet-wide products. This is a terrible thing because as it has been mentioned several times, they tend to stop working in the convenient fashion when the “cloud” drifts away. All of these devices need access to the internet for remote control away from home, and what better way (and far more secure) than to host the server from a PC inside the home. You never lose your service, the company could make a simple program to download on the computer. The only hurdle would be the DDNS service for people on non static IP. I’m sure they could partner with a major DNS service to provide this, with an option to manually use a static IP for the advanced users. This would future proof your IoT home in the event the company folds, the DDNS breaks up with you, or any other reason I can’t think of.

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